10 Fruits That Look Weird But Smell Good And Taste Delicious! Know Them..

Maybe you haven’t seen these fruits in reality but these fruits do exist. They look weird but they sure are delicious to eat!


Pitahaya (known as dragon fruit)

These fruits is widely common in Asia but are also found in some places like northern Australia, Hawaii, Israel, and other countries. In eating this fruit, you have to cut it open. You will see its white flesh with the black dots. The flesh tastes sweet and the seeds taste like a nut. This fruit is low in calories and rich in lipids.

weird delicious fruits - dragon fruit - pitaya

weird delicious fruits - dragon fruit - pitaya 1



This is a modern hybrid strawberry. This is smaller than that of a common strawberry. Its color is white with red seeds. This fruit is very fragrant than that of the common strawberry and its taste contains a bit of a pineapple flavor.

weird delicious fruits - pineberry 1

weird delicious fruits - pineberry 2


African Horned Cucumber (Horned Melon or Kiwano)

By the name itself, this fruit have horned-like spines and the texture of this is like that of a cucumber. This is used as a salad and snack just like cucumbers. When overripe, this fruit bursts open and release its seeds. The African horned cucumber tastes with a combination of cucumber, banana, and lemon. This is a very good source of vitamin C and fiber.

weird delicious fruits - kiwano - african horned cucumber - horned melon 1

weird delicious fruits - kiwano - african horned cucumber - horned melon 2


Red Banana (Red Dacca)

As you can see in the picture, these bananas have red with a bit of purple color in its skin. This is much more delicious than that of the regular banana. Its taste is creamier and sweeter. This red banana is rich in potassium and vitamin C. It can provide you 15% of your body’s calcium needs.

weird delicious fruits - red banana 1

weird delicious fruits - red banana


Yellow Watermelon

This yellow watermelon is said to be much sweeter than that of the red watermelon but with its texture and all other descriptions of this watermelon is similar to the red watermelon. Because of its yellowish color, this fruit doesn’t have the antioxidant called lycopene. Lycopene is only present in red watermelons.

weird delicious fruits - yellow watermelon 1

weird delicious fruits - yellow watermelon 2



Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. When not yet opened, the shape of ackee is like the shape of a pear. Beware of this fruit because if eaten unripe, it has toxins that can harm your body. So, eat this when it is already ripe. How to know if it is already ripe? You’ll know it is already ripe if its color turns red and it will burst open by itself revealing 3 black seeds and its flesh.

weird delicious fruits - ackee 1

weird delicious fruits - ackee


Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit (Nopales or Tunas)

You may see this fruit as very thorny but this fruit is delicious inside. You just have to get these fruits out of the cactus by using a thong. Do not touch the skin of the fruit because it will prick you with its thorns. Use a knife along with the thong to open the fruit and peel off its skin. Remove the seeds and the flesh will all be left. You can now eat it.
weird delicious fruits - Prickly pear cactus fruits 1

weird delicious fruits - Prickly pear cactus fruits 2


Black Tomato

This fruit is green when unripe and turns black when already ripe. This fruit contains an antioxidant name anthocyanins which helps fight diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Though this fruit has just a similar taste with the red ones.weird delicious fruits - black tomatoes

Yellow Raspberry / Blue Raspberry

These raspberries are the same except for their color. When plucked from its plant, its stem and receptacle are not included, just the fruit.

weird delicious fruits - yellow raspberries

weird delicious fruits - blue raspberry

Blue Strawberry

Yes, these are real blue strawberries but they are genetically modified. Scientists put genes from a fish called Arctic Flounder Fish to the fruit making it blue in color.weird delicious fruits - blue strawberry 1

weird delicious fruits - blue strawberry 2


Have you seen these weird delicious fruits on the store?



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