10 Jobs that make you unhappy !

Work is not always fun. Then there are naturally more pleasant jobs than others, then trades chosen by passionate people, then trades suffered. To find out more about the moods of the French job search platform ChooseMyCompany established in partnership with Les Echos the classification of jobs in which employees felt the least happy. For this, opinions were collected from 196,333 workers from 7,500 companies.

1. Clerk of Notary
In this occupation, only 13% of employees surveyed found motivation in their activity. By deduction, the rest is not very happy. At the same time notary is not very fun but notary clerk is really the same job more boring and less well paid. Frankly, it’s better to be just a cleric at the limit.

2. Teacher
Not very reassuring this info. Only 21% have faith in their taff according to the survey. It does not matter, it’s dramatic. While it is certainly the most important job in a society (tied with doctor, go) it is the one that gives the least desire as the working conditions are moldy. In short, be nice to them.

3. Police officer
Not surprisingly, the police landed in 3rd position with only 27% happy employees. It does not surprise me. I have seen all the seasons of Gears and The Shield, so I think I am well informed on the subject.

4. Quality operator
Well, it must be said that it is quite broad as a job. It depends on the object whose quality we must certify perhaps? For example if you have to control the quality of a prime rib it’s cooler than controlling the quality of a tissue.

5. ERP Analyst
I confess that I learned less than 4 seconds ago what that job was. So hang on because it’s not easy: ERP comes from the English “Enterprise Resource Planning”, it can also be translated into French by PGI “Integrated Management Software”. Here. Good by and large ERP analysts serve to guide companies in their information flow management. Shit, just by learning about the existence of this job I lost my taste for life.

6. Cleaning employee
And we understand them. The prospects of evolution and career are not stupendous, wages neither. Between cleaning the suspicious traces in the bowls of companies and storing the dirty panties of the individuals all this while breathing a good dose of bleach, one can actually dream better.

7. Webmaster
With 33% of employees declaring themselves happy and fulfilled, we are faced with a large majority of slightly depressed people. And that’s understandable, we are not very well paid and we stay screwed to computers to make sure to make the interface of a site not too disgusting.

8. Press officer
Harassing journalists to make sure we talk about something, I can tell you that I have already done it and that it is ultra boring and that everyone hates us and we work globally for people who have no recognition for our foul activity.

9. Computer scientist
These people have been crying their despair for too long, but since it’s in HTML, we do not hear them.

10. Communication Consultant
At the same time let’s be honest this job is composed of three ultra bullshit words: “communication”, “consultant” and “en”.

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