Ed Sheeran seeks to make his bodyguard even more famous than him on Instagram !

The bodyguard of the famous British singer Ed Sheeran is about to become even more famous than the star, with more than a million followers on Instagram. 
The idea and the photos are totally awesome!

Ed Sheeran is on a mission. The goal ? Make his security guard even more famous than him on Instagram ! And so far, these two are doing pretty well … The singer even said he would not stop before his faithful lifelong guard, Kevin Myers , reaches 1 million followers. And for now, well, it almost happened yesterday, Wednesday, April 3, 2019!

Of course, by looking more closely at his feed , people who follow him do not just for the singer’s eyes, but because the content he publishes on his account is just great ! The bodyguard, who proclaims himself “secretary of the star”, clearly has a close friendship with the singer, whom he never stops calling “bae” (“before anyone else”). With his fun photos and his well thought out captions (sometimes even, in reference to Ed’s songs), we can say that Kevin has understood everything and is at the top of the Insta-game.

Ed Sheran and Kevin Myers, his bodyguard

Credits: Kevin Myers

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