5 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

2.Trying the 3 Day Juice Fast

Drink 8 ounces (237 ml) of prune juice. When you get up on the first day of your juice fast, drink 8 ounces (237 ml) of prune juice. Wait 30 minutes and drink another 8 ounces (237 ml) of prune juice.

Have as much apple juice as possible. Until 6pm on day one of your fast, drink as much diluted apple juice as you can. Diluted apple juice is a 50-50 mixture of juice and distilled water. From 6 to 9pm do not consume anything.

Make a special mixture for 9pm. At 9pm on the first day of the fast, make and drink the following mixture. Once you’ve had this mixture, don’t consume anything until 8 the next morning.

  • Pour the juice of two oranges and one lemon into a blender.
  • Add 5 to 10 tablespoons of olive oil to the blender.
  • Add one to three cloves of finely chopped garlic to the blender. (Optional)
  • Mix in the blender until smooth.

Start day two with a warm water enema. When you get up on day two of your fast, perform a warm water enema on yourself. Once completed, drink 8 ounces (237 ml) of prune juice. A warm water enema can be performed using the following instructions:

  • Purchase an enema bag from a pharmacy or drugstore in advance.
  • Fill the enema bag with approximately 2 cups (500 ml) of warm tap water.
  • Lie on your left side with your knees bent in towards your chest.
  • Before lying or sitting down, hang the enema bag approximately 12 – 18 inches (30 – 46 cm) above where your rectum will be.
  • Remove the cap from the end of the enema tube and insert the tip 3 – 4 inches (8 – 10 cm) into your rectum.
  • Open the valve on the enema bag and allow the water to flow slowly into your rectum.
  • Hold the water inside your rectum for at least 15 minutes before releasing it into the toilet.

Repeat day one instructions on day two. After your morning prune juice, start drinking diluted apple juice until 6pm — the same as day 1. Then fast between 6 and 9pm. Then drink the special mixture at 9pm again

Continue the same process on day 3. The third day of your fast should be exactly the same as your second day. Start with the warm water enema. Drink 8 ounces (237 ml) of prune juice. Drink as much diluted apple juice as you can until 6pm. Fast between 6 and 9pm. Consume the special mixture at 9pm

Take two lower bowel capsules three times a day. On each of the three days of your juice fast, take two lower bowel capsules three times a day (morning, afternoon, evening). Don’t take any other vitamins or mineral supplements during these three days.[

  • A lower bowel capsule contains cascara sagrada extract, buckthorn, ginger root, goldenseal root, raspberry leaves, fennel seeds, turkey rhubarb, lobelia, and cayenne pepper.[
  • You can make the capsules yourself (if you’re familiar with herbal remedies), or you can purchase them at a natural health food store.
  • Cascara sagrada extract, buckthorn, and turkey rhubarb help control the motility of your colon, similar to a laxative; however, cascara sagrada extract also helps tone your colon.
  • Ginger root and fennel seeds reduce griping or nausea in the intestines while performing a cleanse or fast.
  • Goldenseal helps make mucous membranes stronger.
  • Raspberry leaves are a demulcent, which soothes the intestines.
  • Lobelia helps control nerve reactions in the intestines.
  • Cayenne pepper increases blood circulation.

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