Jussie Smollett: The City Of Chicago Chases Actors In Justice For Presumption Of Aggression

Jussie Smollett is being sued by the city of Chicago for “refusing” to “pay back” the cost of investigating an alleged robbery in the city.

The prosecution claims that the homophobic and racist attack was organized to promote the actor’s career, but Smollett has always preserved his innocence.

The 36-year-old has seven days to pay $ 130,000 (£ 99,000) to cover the investigation costs.

The deadline has passed Thursday and a civil trial is underway.

The legal department of the city of Chicago said it would “seek to obtain all the authorized damages”, adding that the complaint would be filed “in the near future”.

After being treated as a victim, Smollett was charged with staging the attack and was investigated by the police. However, the charges against the actor were dropped last week.

The prosecution still believes that the star of the Empire simulated the attack.

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Eddie Johnson, chief of the Chicago police, said, “In the end, Mr. Smollett committed this fraud.”

The lawsuit was dropped as Smollett lost a $ 10,000 bond and did charitable work, Illinois County Attorney Joe Illinois said.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel called it a “flop of justice,” saying Smollett had “earned the city’s reputation in the mud”.

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In the initial letter, which claimed $ 130,000 including overtime, which the police used in this case, the city of Chicago said: “As part of the investigation, the Chicago police investigated physical evidence and video and conducted several interviews through other surveys.

“In the end, the Chicago police investigation revealed that you knowingly filed a false police report and that you had organized your own attack.”

Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, was elected Wednesday and will be sworn in on May 20th.

After her victory, she told MSNBC that there must be a “much lighter explanation” about why the charges against Smollett had been dropped.

“We can not get the idea that if you’re rich or famous, or both, you’ll get a fair amount of justice, and for all the others, it’s a little harder,” she said. .

“It will not work and we need to make sure we have an integrated criminal justice system.”

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