LOOK what color your hair says about your health, you will be shocked !

There are many topics that talk about the relationship between the color of the hair and the personality of the person and its patterns and characteristics, but in this subject we will address another subject related to the color of hair, which is revealed to the health of the man and his health, many men dye their hair to hide some defects or gray, It means escaping health risks ranked in the original color.

Dark hair (black and brown):

The substance responsible for the hair color is melanin and brown or black owners have high rates of it and thus this protects them from the emergence of skin problems significantly, but in turn are more likely to addiction to nicotine significantly. This color is the most dense hair type, the most common and widespread in the world, but those who bear this color unfortunately are more prone to baldness and hair loss than others.

Why are dark color owners more prone to nicotine addiction? The reason is that melanin limits the ability of the body to get rid of nicotine and therefore may be subject to addiction only from smoking a cigarette as one of the nicotine remains trapped for a long time inside the body before getting rid of it.

Of the health news that will delight the owners of dark hair are that they are the least category exposed to cancer, but this does not apply to smokers because of the opposite, they are at risk of cancer is weak.

As well as black hair color holders are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, followed by owners of brown and then blond. As well as lymphoma, which is one of the cancers that affect the owners of dark hair, black hair holders are less likely to be infected.

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