She makes adorable wreaths to celebrate the majesty of cats !

Instagram account Leonidas & Orion reveals adorable photographs featuring small flower wreaths worn by a cat. A fun initiative from an artist, obviously in love with pets!

Credits : Leonidas & Orion

The first wreath of flowers that Yarely, a young university professor, made was for her dog, an Australian shepherd named Freya. This one was simply reserved for his personal use, in order to take fun snapshots for Instagram. Yet what started as an accessory for a photo soon turned into a brand.

The Californian has created Freya’s Floral Company, which offers a large selection of flower crowns for pets … and their masters! The artist uses artificial flowers to build delicate compositions, and even offers customizable models on request. The designer says that each crown is unique!

Since Yarely began producing crowns and showing them to the public, there were many who wanted to offer this accessory to their beloved companion. One of the best-known models to wear a famous crown is Leonidas, a Chicago star cat, a Maine coon with over 150k followers on his Instagram. He posed for many models of the Freya’s Floral Company, bringing together millions of likes from people around the world, admiring his fashion sense and his incredible look

Credits : Leonidas & Orion

So despite the fact that humans find it a flattering and fun experience, animals do not necessarily have the same opinion … How to manage to keep this accessory on their little heads? Yarely answers:

I always advise training! It takes time and patience, I trained Freya myself to do it for a while.

In any case, we find them absolutely magical and simply adorable. It makes you want to worship them even more, right? 😁

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