This 36 Questions Can Make Two Strange People Fall in LOVE, Discover Them !

People often believe that love is a very complicated thing, but in a recent study, a group of scientists conducted a research in which they found that to make two people fall in love they asked 36 questions and answered explicitly:

1) You have been given the ability to choose anyone in the world to be your guest for dinner, who will you choose?

2) Do you like to be famous? What formula do you like?

3) Before making any phone conversation, do you think what you will say? Why ?

4) How can you describe your ideal day?

5) When did you last sing for yourself ,? – To someone else?

6) If you can live to the age of 90 years, but you either stay in the body of Threesome and the mentality of the Stini, or the body of Stini and the mentality of the Threesome, (and will live for sixty years)

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