Top 20 Low-cost cosplay creations !

On his Facebook page, Lowcost Cosplay shares costumes that he creates with zero means but an overflowing creativity. The resemblance is not striking … but laughter is assured!

With all the cinema releases to come in 2019, it is certain that cosplayers will be happy to start designing their costumes for conventions! Because it is true that buying cosplay can sometimes cost a fortune : between wigs, makeup, accessories and other elaborate outfits … it never ends!

So, in order to save money, why not take inspiration from Anucha “Cha” Saengchart , the Thai designer behind the Lowcost Cosplay project ! Already well known on social networks, with nearly 3 million fans on his Facebook page, he regularly reveals his new looks that will, without a doubt, make you laugh.

From a “make-up” of Thanos at a lower cost to a wig of Goku made with baguettes of bread, Anucha is definitely a genius artist with his creations all more far-fetched than the others. And if it obviously makes you smile, you still imagine the creative work behind it because some of his stagings are quite fascinating, especially when he represents two characters with a mirror game.


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