Top 10 songs that make you happiest, and that’s the science that says it !

A recent and very serious study would have proved that there are many scientific explanations behind these small pieces of everyday life that we listen to for bananas. According to the neuroscientist Jacob Jolij, these feel good songs are calculated based on certain criteria: the tempo (minimum 150 beats per minute), the use of a major tone, and of course the positive content of the lyrics. I’m sorry to say that Radiohead and Barbara are not in this top.

1. Do not Stop Me Now – Queen
A frenzied rhythm with pianistic harmonies to get rid of the butt and Freddie Mercury who shouts loudly in your ears that you should not stop because he spends the best time of his life, so by extension you as well. Do not Stop me Now it is and it will always be the magic potion for a night that is running out of steam and I say that knowingly, all my parties are nazes.

2. Dancing Queen – ABBA
There is no surprise, Dancing Queen is the queen of your evenings gin to, glitter, and tights holes but why exactly? For its magnificent catchy and euphoric production, for its message that advocates a gilded and carefree youth facing the darkness of the world? Frida Lyngstad (the brunette) reportedly told the Guardian that she burst into tears as she listened to the music of her acolytes and Anita: “It’s pure happiness that I would have the chance to sing this song, which is absolutely the better than Abba has ever done. Happiness shared on a very large scale.

3. Good Vibrations – Beach Boys
Well I think everything is in the title. This song is the one that brings you UV waves and Californian vibes at home without going through the square and it is also a nice proof that the pop a little sweet maybe at the same time super creative .

4. Uptown Girl – Billie Joel
I do not say that because Billy is my favorite of all the Billy but I especially attribute to this piece the palm of the title which makes the most wiggle its head from left to right in the space of 3 minutes. (and there you are reproducing this movement of head and you are right, I do it too, one is not there well?)

5. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
Become the hymn of a beating generation and who is not afraid of anything, Eye of the Tiger will always be there for you in the hardest moments to remind you that you have also got a cat that is sleeping in you and only ask to roar. Ah, and it also makes you want to wear red stripes and hit people with big gloves.

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