Top 15 pics of Japanese Illustrator Imagines A World Where Humans Live Among Giant Animals

This strange Japanese craftsman, who passes by the nom de plume Ariduka55, or Monokubo, via web-based networking media channels, makes otherwordly delineations that revive a totally new dreamland where monster creatures live and develop close by people.

Monokubo is a 24-year-old craftsman from Japan got a thought of goliath creatures from Studio Ghibli. “It originated from “Princess Mononoke” and “Totoro”. I preferred attracting pictures such style since a youthful age,” MonoKubo imparted to Bored Panda. The craftsman discovers her motivation in “Regular scenes and different representations, for instance, I like Piotr Jabłoński’s work.”

It appears the craftsman likes to entertain herself with representations that portray delicate and cuddly creatures – pandas, rabbits, hounds and such – in spite of the fact that, it’s truly obvious that the felines are the apples of the craftsman’s eye. The environment in the photos is quite often etherial and quiet, total with narrating components in their organizations. Huge numbers of the representations are set apart with delicate daylight separating through different articles, including leaves and windows.

Fun reality, the Japanese even have a word for daylight spilling through the leaves of the trees – komorebi (木漏れ日). It’s a term for a light drapery and the shadow it makes on the ground, a term that expressively depicts this ordinary excellence.

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