[TOP SECRET] Google reveals 20 Questions Asked by MEN in Search Engines !

The Google search engine is the most famous of the Internet among all other search engines. Similarly, at the end of each year, Google officially publishes a list of the most searched words by individuals from all over the world to show the interest and participation of people in public opinion.
This list is limited and excludes the Google company words sexual, and can not know the results of the search according to the age of individuals or sex, “male or female” for this reason, private companies to conduct independent studies in order to show all these results, including a study published on The site “american express” reveals 20 strange questions posed by men from all over the world on Google .. as follows:

1) Does a woman feel like a man?

2) How to seduce a woman?

3) Is ISIS “advocating” a serious organization?

4) How to make a girl love me?

5) What are the 10 stupidest names for children?

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